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Happy Birthday Aries!

Aries Icon, Aries is a fire signThe Sun entered the sign of Aries on April 14th and will remain there until May 14th.  This is a very strong placement for the Sun, since Aries gives it exaltation and maximum strength.  The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars – the planet of energy, ambition, pioneering spirit, impulsiveness and courage.

Aries is the first of the fire signs expressing the enthusiasm, positive expectation and hope related to all new beginnings.  Typically people born in the sign of Aries jump into new adventures and projects without considering the possible obstacles or consequences, but they are normally armed with the strength of being able to start all over again with renewed vigor.

The sign of Aries offers the potential of living fully in the present, leaving behind past experience, transcending the concept of time and experiencing the present moment as eternal.  If we miss that opportunity we could become addicted to constantly starting new projects for the thrill of the novelty, spreading our energy too thin.  Aries people need to learn to control their energy and connect to their inner fire, the true source of their enthusiasm and joy for living.


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