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The Alexander Technique

The principles of the Alexander Technique are very much in line with those of Ayurveda and the philosophy of Yoga.  The Technique is a great aid to meditation as it allows the body to be in a relaxed, comfortable state, and helps the mind become more tranquil, while awareness is heightened and prana (life force) flows more freely throughout the body.


Frederick Matthias Alexander was an Australian actor born in 1869. In the middle of his acting career he began to progressively lose his voice during performances.  He sought help from voice coaches and specialists without getting any positive results, and finally tried to resolve the problem by himself.

F.M. Alexander discovered that the quality of the relationship between the head, neck and spine – weather compressed or free – is responsible for the quality of our movements and overall functioning.  When the neck muscles are freed from unnecessary extra tension, the head can balance freely on top of the spine, the torso can expand and the breath becomes more easeful.  Alexander discovered the existence of a natural, dynamic force that counteracts gravity and guides the torso upward, giving us a sense of weightlessness and freedom.

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Marina Baroni and The Alexander Technique

An Alexander Technique Lesson

What to expect:

Learning the Alexander Technique means becoming aware of harmful postural or structural habits and learning how to soothe your own nervous system, release muscle tension and balance your own structure.

The Alexander Technique is not a treatment like massage or chiropractic.  Your active participation is crucial.  The more you observe, question and experiment, the more you learn.  It can provide you with the tools you need to maintain your health and raise your energy level.

Through the Alexander Technique you learn how to use your body efficiently, be more grounded and regain your natural alignment through fluid and well-organized movements.  The Alexander Technique teaches how to use just the right amount of effort for specific activities, giving you more energy for everything else in your life.

An Alexander Technique teacher guides you through the process of self-discovery.  He or she will observe your movement patterns and show you how to use your body in an optimal manner.  Basic movements like standing, sitting, walking, bending and turning are re-learned with the help of the teacher’s hands-on guidance and verbal instructions.

The goal of the work is to allow you to experience greater lightness and enjoy effortless movements throughout all your daily activities.

Who can benefit?

  • The Alexander Technique in Motion with Marina BaroniAnyone suffering from chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, back pain, neck pain or postural discomfort
  • Anyone who wants to prevent injuries or reduce stress and fatigue
  • Anyone who wants to make efficient use of his/her body and have consistent energy levels throughout the day
  • People who sit or stand for a long period of time
  • Musicians, singers, actors, public speakers, dancers and athletes who want to optimize their performance
  • Anyone wanting to feel more comfortable in his/her body and who wishes to move more freely

Services and Fees:

  • 1 hour private lesson: $90
  • Small group lessons available upon request.

Marina Baroni is an Alexander Technique teacher. She guides people through Alexander Technique exercises. Marina provides Alexander Technique lessons to individuals seeking treatment in the greater Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Culver City California.

Please contact Marina today to begin learning the Alexander Technique postures for better living and effortless movement.