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Vedic Astrology Readings
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“My reading with Marina Baroni was breathtakingly accurate. She pinpointed my strengths, areas of development and inner landscape to such an extent that I felt like I was talking to someone who had known me for years and years..." ---Jessica S.

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Astrology Readings

Vedic Astology signs of the zodiac Vedic Astrologer Marina BaroniNatal Reading

The Natal Reading includes an in depth analysis of your psychological profile, an overview of your talents and tendencies in the key areas of life such as family, career, relationships, health, education etc.

The Natal Reading is a prerequisite for all other Readings.
Rate: $200 (1 hour)

Yearly Chart Reading

An analysis of the cycles and transits during any given 12-month period, discussing upcoming trends in the various areas of life.
Rate: $200 (1 hour)

Relationship Reading

A comparative reading of the natal horoscopes of two individuals to gain insights and understanding of the dynamics of their relationships (marriages, friendships, family or business relationships).
Rate: $250 (1 hour)

Personal Consultation

In depth analysis of any chosen area of the natal chart.
Rate: $200 (1 hour)


Selection of an auspicious date for an important event such as wedding, incorporation of a company, surgery, beginning of a new project or an important trip.
Rate: $200

Note: The accuracy of a reading depends on the accuracy of the Birth Data.

Month, day, exact time and location of birth are needed for the Natal Reading. 

If you don’t know your birth time you may find it at vitalrec.com

All Readings will be recorded and sent to the client.

 All Readings can be done over the phone or via Skype for International Clients.

Services and Fees:

  • Natal Reading: $200 (1hour)
  • Yearly Chart Reading: $200 (1hour)
  • Relationship Reading: $250 (1hour)
  • Personal Consultation: $200 (1hour)
  • Muhurtha: $200
  • A Consultation can be booked in 30 minutes increments:
  • 30 minutes: $100

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    Marina Baroni, Vedic Astrologer was introduced to Vedic Astrology during her Ayurvedic training and carried on her study with James Kelleher, one of the most prominent Vedic astrologers and teachers living in the West .

    If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologist that can provide you a Vedic Astrology reading and horoscope to better understand your innate nature and path in life, please contact Marina Baroni now.

    Though she does often provide remote Vedic Astrology horoscopes and readings, she is available in person to those living in the greater Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Culver City California.  Click here for her Vedic Astrology testimonials.