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Happy Birthday Gemini!

The Sun entered the sign of Gemini on June 15th and will stay there until July 15th.Gemini icon, air sign

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury and gives a love for the intellect, brilliant ideas, creative thinking. Gemini people can become enamored with their own theories forgetting the practical side of reality. They are charming communicators with many interests and skills. They can be fluent in several languages and are good at mimicking; they can be good writers and teachers.

Gemini is the first air sign and the exuberant and enthusiastic mental energy needs to be channeled in a positive direction to keep Gemini people grounded and make good use of their creative minds.  Through work and discipline the Gemini mind can gain focus and reach its highest potential.

It is important for Gemini people to develop a certain detachment from their own ideas and allow their emotions to be involved in their creative process.

Cultivating detachment will also help the Gemini person’s mood swings, typical of this dual sign.  With a serene mind the innate ability of this sign to see different aspects of a situation will be grounded in wisdom and love.



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