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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury entered the sign of Pisces on February 27th and will remain there till May 4th.  Mercury in Pisces is debilitated.  What does that mean?

Each planet rules one or two signs in the zodiac.  When a planet is transiting over or is placed in the sign it rules in your natal horoscope it is considered strong, comfortable in its own environment.  For example Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so Mercury transiting or placed in either Gemini or Virgo will express its ability of communicating, teaching and learning in a very natural manner. If Mercury is placed in Leo in your horoscope your communication style will be more dramatic, authoritative and fiery and so forth.

Mercury is the planet of intellect, speech, mathematics, analysis and logic. Pisces is the sign of intuition, spirituality, non-linear thinking, inspiration: these are all foreign qualities to Mercury’s nature and that is why Mercury is considered debilitated in Pisces.

During the next couple of months we have the opportunity to experience our intellect and thinking mind in a different way.  You may notice being more intuitive than normal, more drawn to spiritual or creative experiences, inspired to participate in charitable work.  You might get a glance of the bigger picture, the deeper meaning of what is happening around you.  And at times you might feel a bit distracted, not completely grounded…just remember Mercury is in Pisces!

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