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Posts Tagged ‘prana and breathing’

The Power of Breathing

Prana is the subtle energy in the air we breath, it is not oxygen but it is carried by it.  Prana is the vital link between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  Our thoughts and emotions affect our breathing and vice versa.  Through the breath Prana brings awareness and healing.  So the most direct way to calm our mind, steady our emotions and harmonize our physiology is to observe the way we breath.

Breathing Exercise:

1. Sit comfortably and upright in a chair or on the floor

2. Close your eyes and observe your breath. How does it feel? Is it fast, shallow, deep? Do you feel the movement in your chest or belly?

3. Place your hands on your belly and feel it expand as you breath in through your nose

4. After a few minutes place your hands on your lower back and notice the movement as you breath in and out, continue for 10 breaths

5. Now keep breathing with your hands on your lap and your attention in the area below your belly button

6. Let the breath flow like an ocean wave, don’t force it in or out, listen to its soothing sound.  Relax…

Ten minutes of conscious breathing are normally enough to produce a change. Keep practicing till it becomes effortless, your second nature.  As you get better you will be able to perform other activities and observe your breath at the same time. You are on your way to equanimity and what happens around you won’t throw you off-balance as easily.  Good luck!